Shortboards: The Discuit

The Discuit

Technical Specifications

Length-range: 4'6" - 6'8"
Width-range: 18" - 23"
Thickness-range: 2" - 3"
Available Tail Shapes: Round
Available Fin Setups: Tri, Quad, 5 Fin Combo
Condition Optimization: Knee to Head high

Featured Board Dimensions: 5'8" x 20" 1/4" x 2 1/2"

Model Description

The Discuit
is an excellent small to medium wave board. This model should be ridden 4 to 6 inches smaller than your standard shortboard. Round nose and full, thick boxy rails add a great amount of float and wave catching ability. The shorter and rounder outline makes this shape extremely pivotal and easy to turn in the weakest of conditions. Smooth rail to rail transitions in small and or mushy surf.
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