Vintage Restorations

Bring any board back to life. Natures Shapes believes in preserving history by doing vintage surfboard restorations. We copy colors, replace wood fins, and even redraw original logos. This is a long intense process but the end result is worth the wait.

If you have an old board that you want to turn into a wall hanger then you have come to the right place. We have taken boards out of the garbage and turned them into pieces of art. It is our history and we should preserve it. We believe that surfboards should almost never be thrown away. We can preserve history and remake a piece of artwork. You bring the board and pick the colors and designs that match that era and we will make it look like new again.

Some boards do not require a full restoration but more of a clean up and repair. Some of the older boards are worth quite a bit of money so they shouldn't be fully restored. These boards might just need the dings fixed and and to be polished again. Many bar and restaurant owners have vintage surfboards hanging on the walls. They add a great piece of surfing art to just about any home or business.

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