SUP: The Performer

The Performer

Technical Specifications

Length-range: 8' - 10' 6"
Width-range: 27" - 32"
Thickness-range: 3 3/4" - 4 3/4"
Available Tail Shapes: Diamond, Round Pin, Squash
Available Fin Setups: 2 + 1, Quad, 5 Fin Combo
Condition Optimization: Flatwater and weak to excellent surf

Featured Board Dimensions: 8'0" x 29" x 4"

Model Description

This is our performance stand-up board. Although it can be used for distance paddling and cruising, The Performer works best in the surf. The shorter length and exaggerated hip allow for an extremely pivotal SUP. This board amazes most people with its ability to cutback and blast off the lip while still maintaining stability and flow through sections. Bottom contours and rails will vary depending on the surfers weight and ability.
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