Surfboard Volume Chart in Liters

Having the right surfboard sizing for your body type and for the conditions you are surfing can mean the difference between frustration or glory. Knowing the right surfboard volume for you and the conditions you are surfing is a great starting point in the process of selecting an appropriately sized surfboard.

What is surfboard volume? It is the amount of space a surfboard occupies, usually expressed in liters (i.e., 35L’s of volume). Loosely, a surfboards [length x width x thickness] will yield the volume of a surfboard. However, the key to the placement of that volume, the surfboard’s foil, affects the overall volume of a surfboard greatly. If you need assistance becoming more familiar with volume ranges, please call the shop at 631.750.0652 to speak with a professional.

Click here for printable version of our volume chart.

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